Do you want an honest, professional book review? We would love to feature a review of your children’s book (Preschool to YA) on our website.

You can be confident in our reviews as we are committed to:

  • Honesty. We won’t always have positive things to say, but we will always be kind and respectful.
  • Respect. We will not be reviewing based on religious conditions. Though we may mention relevant points that some of our readers may be interested in, we will not base our review on whether those things meet our personal standards.
  • Professionality. Your book will be reviewed by a professional in the Children’s Book industry.
  • Experience. Our writers have been writing reviews for over a decade on now-retired Muslim websites similar to this one (namely Muslimas’ Oasis and Muslim Friendly Apps).
  • Neutrality. As professionals, we will not be putting our personal beliefs or preferences above your work. We welcome any genre from any angle and are committed to giving your book the time and respect it deserves.
  • Relevancy. As parents ourselves, we will have the opportunity to get feedback from a range of ages, giving a unique angle on our review.

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